XO → a new frontier in corporate and social impact generation. Discover and embrace XO to drive new value, innovation and growth for your organisation → at scale

What is XO?

XO is a next-generation enterprise Cryptocurrency based on advanced Blockchain technology. Its origination is based on your verified net asset or social impact value → learn more about XO

You can use your XO in a wide range of ways (see image below) to:

► Increase your revenue and bottom line profits

► Enhance your PR, marketing and public engagement

► Reward and incentivise your customers, staff, stakeholders, the public, etc

► Amplify your CSR and sustainability (benefit society and the environment)

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Getting Your XO

XO is available to members of Centrum’s strategic platform, Delta → which helps all types of organisations from across the world to grow and increase their social impacts, bottom line profits and ultimately, to become stronger and more effective → learn more about Delta