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XO is a next-generation enterprise Cryptocurrency (as defined by the UK Government) based on advanced Blockchain technology. Its origination is based on your verified net asset or social impact value and you can use it in a wide range of ways (see image below) to:

► Increase your revenues and bottom line profits

► Enhance your PR, marketing and public engagement

► Reward and incentivise your customers, employees, stakeholders, etc

► Amplify your CSR and sustainability (benefit society and the environment)



An aspect of the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), XO promises a panoply of uses for the betterment of society and is available to members of Centrum’s strategic platform, Delta → which helps all types of organisations from across the world to grow and increase their social impacts, bottom line profits and ultimately, to become stronger and more effective


XO can add significant value to your organisation and endeavours, increase your financials, create new opportunities, give you unique competitive advantages, open new markets and broaden your organisational capabilities, and ultimately → to drive your growth. Click the button below to get started or scroll down to learn more


XO (Xerographic Origination) is based on advanced Blockchain technology, which provides transactional trust, security, transparency and ownership confirmation at any given time (i.e. there is no central verifier of activities) and it comes into existence when Centrum creates (originates) it on its enterprise Hyperledger Blockchain when certain conditions are met


► When you (an individual, company or organisation) become a member of Delta and independently verify your net asset value or the financial value of your social impact activities (e.g. pro bono work, sustainability or CSR activities or your work as a charity, a non-profit, educational institution or as a public services entity, etc) → Centrum uses this value as a baseline to originate (create) XO and then it gives the newly originated XO to you (or to your chosen recipients)

► In other words → your net asset or social impact value is cryptonised (measured, verified and then monetised into a stable, usable and publicly tradable cryptocurrency) and is made available for you to use as you see fit in a wide range of ways to enhance your social impact and corporate outcomes

► As a Delta member, you don’t pay for your XO as they are given to you (or to your chosen recipients) as an outright freewill gift (i.e for no consideration) by Centrum as part of its global programme to support enterprise, to incentivise, reward and encourage activities that benefit society and the environment and to help drive the real-world utility (and to engender the greater use) of XO in general


XOT (XO Token) is a specified contractual right to exchange 1 XOT for 1 XO and is a legally independent, usable and saleable asset in its own right


The vast majority of cryptocurrencies don’t have any practical utility or a reliable economic foundation for their existence and are often created just to raise capital or for arcane purposes

XO, however, is designed from the ground-up to solve these issues: i.e to have an independently measurable and auditable economic foundation and an inherent financial value underpinning its existence, to be stable (non-speculative, non-volatile) and to have actual real-world, practical usage and utility → all without the need to raise capital or to have complex, prospective ‘mining’ to function

XO also has rigorous governance models and emission (origination), supply, distribution, utility and stability protocols and mechanisms → all of which makes it a stable, uniform and reliable everyday cryptocurrency for everyday purposes

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XO has multiple built-in economic incentives and based on its practical, real-world usage and inherent sophisticated ecosystem → the potential to power a new type of transformative economy driven by user momentum

XO can be used for any lawful transaction if the parties involved agree to use it and there are many ways to leverage it to generate greater revenues and bottom line profits, enhanced and expanded social impacts, internal and external reputation, positive publicity, public engagement and PR. It can also be used on various crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms and converted to cash or other cryptocurrencies on various public exchanges. Within the Centrum XO ecosystem, you can:


Use your XO for full or part payment for a wide range of commercial and consumer goods and services worldwide (and get private concessions and privileged price reductions) through Centrum Club (shopping on sites such as Amazon and eBay are coming soon) → i.e. manage your cashflow and decrease costs


Put your XO to work to help make the world a better place → use some or all of your XO to make tax-efficient/Gift Aid personal or corporate donations to non-profits, charities and other worthy beneficiaries → i.e. generate positive social impacts that benefit society and the environment directly yourself or through Centrum Society


Trade, exchange, sell, lend, remit, transfer XO across the globe to anyone in seconds (or convert it to other assets) through participating public exchanges or through Centrum’s Helix Private Exchange


Keep XO as an investment so that you can benefit from it if its value increases. If it’s gifted to you, downswings in value will not cause you any loss. Even if the market value drops to zero, XO’s inherent utility would still exist, so it will always have an intrinsic value


Reward and incentivise your customers, employees, stakeholders, funders, suppliers, the public, etc by gifting XO to them, thus giving them a whole host of tangible benefits in their everyday lives, whilst helping you to increase their loyalty to (and appreciation of) your organisation → which ultimately helps to increase your productivity, revenues and bottom line profits


Get an immediate net financial benefit by using XO for specific purposes and use it as a medium of exchange to manage your cashflow, facilitate your trades and transactions and to decrease your costs

► The above is not an exhaustive list as the depth and range of XO usage and utility is constantly being expanded (Centrum will facilitate transactions where possible)

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At origination: 1 XO = $1 USD

After origination, XO’s open market value is subject to external market forces. Thus, for example, if you have verified net assets of $1M (or the financial value of your social impact activities are equal to this), you will receive 1 Million XO from Centrum with the origination (base) value of $1 each, but the open market value of XO at the time of origination could be greater or less than the origination (base) value


Ordinarily, a typical cryptocurrency is created (mined) using powerful computers that carry out ever more complex ‘consensus mechanism’ calculations (known as the ‘Proof of Work’) that results in a unique string of cryptographic code (which is essentially what a cryptocurrency is). This ‘Proof of Work’ is the economic foundation for the existence of that cryptocurrency


However, rather than using intensive computing to create XO, Centrum uses independently verified, measurable and auditable net asset or social impact value (which requires time, money and effort to accumulate, grow, increase, retain and maintain) as the ‘Proof of Work’ for (i.e. as the economic foundation and anchor for the existence of) an XO

Thus, unlike many cryptocurrencies, XO has real economic, useful and meaningful work (i.e. actual inherent value and substance) underpinning and anchoring its origination rather than just abstract mathematical calculations → XO cannot, therefore, be created arbitrarily out of nothing


Once originated, XO becomes fully independent of its origination and the ‘anchor’ organisation with the verified net asset or social impact value that led to its origination in the first place, and thereafter → XO has an independent economic life, open market value and real-word, practical usage and utility of its own (user anonymity and security features are similar to mainstream cryptocurrencies)


The total XO supply is determined by how much of an organisation’s net asset or social impact value is cryptonised into XO and is replenished over a given period of time (it can be any amount up to the ‘anchor’ organisation’s verified net asset or social impact value)


The constant cryptonisation and replenishment has an effect on XO’s open market value and may result in value deflation. However, as XO is designed to be used in real-world transactions rather than just to be purely an ‘asset’ for holding stored value (which it can also do), its continuous and expanding fungibility, not scarcity, mitigates value deflation and helps to maintain value stability. Centrum also naturally replaces some XO with newly originated ones through a technical process known as ‘burn’


Although Centrum originates and then gifts XO to others, it can only do this if the organisation anchoring the gifted XO has sufficient net asset or social impact value to enable Centrum to originate XO for them in the first place

If Centrum (or any other entity) does not have a sufficient net asset or social impact value, it cannot spontaneously originate any XO just for itself when it feels like doing so. If it did, the value and utility of XO would be near zero (thus any efforts to do this would be wasted)

Thus, Centrum (or any other entity) cannot create XO arbitrarily out of nothing because if it did, XO would essentially be worthless → this an inherently powerful supply and stability control mechanism

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The UK Government defines cryptocurrencies such as XO (or ‘cryptoassets’ as they are also known) as “cryptographically secured digital representations of value or contractual rights that use some type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and can be transferred, stored or traded electronically”

The UK Government has no specific laws relating to the type of cryptocurrencies known as “exchange tokens” (which XO is) and does not regard them as currency or money, but considers them as taxable intangible assets. The UK Government has, however, issued a brief on the tax treatment of exchange token cryptocurrencies, stating that their “unique identity” means they can’t be compared to conventional investments or payments and that their “taxability” depends on the activities and parties involved - e.g. when:

► Selling cryptoassets for money

► Exchanging cryptoassets for a different type of cryptoasset

► Using cryptoassets to pay for goods or services

► Giving away cryptoassets

Gains or losses on cryptocurrencies are, however, subject to Capital Gains Tax and HMRC has also published a range of other guidance on cryptoassets. The UK Government’s joint HM Treasury, Financial Conduct Authority and Bank of England Cryptoassets Taskforce has also published its final report


The UK Government’s guidance regarding the use of cryptocurrencies (such as XO) to pay for goods and services states that “…transactions in which they [cryptocurrencies] function as consideration given or received are ‘barter transactions’. There is guidance on barter transactions at CG78310: this guidance is written in terms of non-sterling currency but is applicable to cryptocurrencies”

The barter transaction guidance referred to states that “A transaction in which an asset is disposed of for some consideration which is not sterling cash, but which takes the form of some other asset [e.g. cryptocurrencies such as XO], is a barter transaction. Where the bargain is at arm’s length, the measure of the consideration is the sterling worth, at the date of the acquisition or disposal, of what is given or received”

VAT: the value of the supply on which VAT is due will be the sterling value of the cryptocurrency at the point the transaction takes place

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There is no downside for you or for the recipient of a gifted XO (i.e. when its not received in lieu of something else) if its open market value falls, even to zero

This is because you incur no direct cost to receive XO - but once you have it, you immediately own its inherent base asset value and can leverage its utility. Moreover, certain usage and utility will always remain even if the open market value of XO becomes zero. For those who buy XO, the risk of loss or gain is the same as other similar assets


There are no tax implications for XO owners who receive XO as a freewill gift from Centrum or from anyone else (e.g. there’s no VAT, Income Tax, NIC or Corporation Tax and there is no Capital Gains Tax on profits from the sale of gifted XO by individuals). However, if you are an employer gifting XO to your employees as a form of work related benefit, you may have to pay Income Tax and NIC on the financial value of the gifted XO

There are no costs to you or to anyone else in accepting the gift of XO from Centrum nor will you or they have any obligations to Centrum or to anybody else or commit to any undertakings or enter into any agreements or contracts. XO also does not have any negative or unethical associations as it functions wholly within current UK law

Thus, along with there being no financial risks or loss potential, there are also no reputational, legal or regulatory risks (and no undue administrative burdens or costs) either for you or for anyone else receiving XO as a gift from Centrum


The use of blockchain technology means that neither Centrum nor anyone else will need (or have access to) any of your data or of those you give XO to and all XO related transactions are anonymous at the point of the transaction (e.g. payments in XO are made using cryptographic IDs, not by name or other identifying details)

This provides a high-degree of safety and security in terms of personal or corporate data. Moreover, all communications with those you give XO to regarding XO or any other Centrum services will be carried out directly by yourselves or by anyone authorised by you for this


There is substantial upside if the open market value of XO rises – as you can take advantage of any gains in market value to add to your overall profits, expand your commercial or social impact activity, increase your net asset base, gift to charities and other worthy beneficiaries, etc

As you (or your chosen recipients) will receive XO as a gift from Centrum → any downswings in XO’s open market value, even to zero, will not cause you (or your chosen recipients) any loss


XO presents a transformative opportunity to drive new value, innovation, profitability and growth for your organisation in a sustainable and ethical manner → at scale. There are a wide range of practical and useful ways in which it allows you to derive and enhance tangible, long-term and long-lasting marketing, PR, commercial and economic value


On top of the commercial considerations, there are also the social ones: Centrum supports activities that benefits society and the environment and the use of XO helps to increase and expand this support. XO is pro-social by design, it has vast global potential and tremendous exonomic properties which could engender and generate a multitude of cascading positive social impacts across the world

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Delta is Centrum’s membership based strategic marketing platform. It’s objective is to help all types of organisations from across the world to grow and increase their bottom line profits and ultimately, to become stronger and more effective (e.g. through XO, which is only available to Delta members)

Delta members pay an annual membership fee, which is based on their respective verified net asset or social impact value (this membership fee may be reduced or waived in specific circumstances). Once you’re a Delta member, you get free or reduced cost access to a wide range of strategic and tactical PR and marketing services, both online and offline (full details are available upon request) and immediate full and free access to XO → and to all of the benefits this brings to you and to your organisation


Delta helps you (and all of its members) to drive new value, innovation and growth. You can leverage your Delta membership in a wide range of ways to:

► Increase your revenues and bottom line profits

► Enhance your PR, marketing and public engagement

► Reward and incentivise your customers, employees, stakeholders, etc

► Amplify your CSR and sustainability (benefit society and the environment)

Although you can do all of the above anyway, being a Delta member enables you to do this faster, better, more effectively, at much lower cost and potentially, whilst also generating an immediate net capital benefit


The full membership fee depends on your verified net asset or social impact value - and so is different for everyone. The actual amount therefore can be determined once all the relevant factors are taken into account. Some or all of the fee can be paid in cash or in XO. There’s a 10% surcharge (to be paid in the relevant fiat currency by members) for all payments in XO, but this may be reduced or waived in specific circumstances


The UK Government permits the use of cryptoassets (also known as cryptocurrencies, such as XO) as payment for goods or services, essentially as an advanced form of barter transaction

Centrum therefore accepts payment in XO for some of its services, such as Delta. This is because by accepting XO as payment, Centrum is able to accumulate more XO than its net asset or social impact value permits → and it uses these XO for a wide range of purposes such as ‘burn’ and financially empowering people, communities and non-profits by distributing XO globally

Specifics: if you are in the UK and pay a percentage of your Delta membership fees with XO, you would pay the sterling worth of the fees upto this percentage. You may also have to pay UK VAT in sterling cash, but you can reclaim this separately if you are VAT registered. Moreover, as XO is received by you at base value (1 XO = $1 USD) and is used by you to pay Delta fees at the same base value, there is no gain and thus no UK Capital Gains Tax applies


The amount of XO you’ll have overall is based on your verified net asset or social impact value. This means that even after you use some of your XO to pay your Delta membership fees, you should still have sufficient XO left to use for other strategic purposes (e.g. to gift to your customers, employees, etc) and to renew your annual Delta membership in the subsequent years

XO can also be replenished by you if the amount you hold in a year is below your verified net asset or social impact value (the increase in the value of your intangible assets due to you owning XO will be disregarded for the issuance of new XO). To maintain your current end-of-year accounting values, you may wish to use most or all of your XO for strategic purposes within your financial year


Delta is a strategic marketing platform and membership of it enables you to use XO and other products and services to carry out various PR and marketing activities to expand and enhance your organisation’s social impact, revenues and bottom line profits

In the UK, US and in many other countries, the Delta membership fee is 100% tax deductible as a marketing expense (i.e. it’s an allowable revenue expenditure). This means that if (for instance) you are a UK corporation taxpayer, there would be a 19% corporation tax saving on the whole of your Delta membership fee (including any surcharge)

► This also means that if you pay the full Delta membership fee with XO (as a Delta member, the ownership of XO is cost free to you) the related 10% surcharge paid by you in the relevant fiat currency can be immediately recovered through your corporation tax savings. In some circumstances, the amount of your corporation tax savings could be greater than the surcharge itself, which means that you would see an immediate net capital benefit