"You don't have to choose between doing good and doing well. It's a false choice, today more than ever" - Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Use the game-changing power of XO (a next-generation enterprise Cryptocurrency based on advanced Blockchain technology) to engender, stimulate, reward and incentivise activities that benefit society and the environment


If you own any XO (either gifted/awarded to you or which you have acquired) → you can support any charity or non-profit organisation anywhere in the world by gifting your XO to them (they can benefit from this in a wide range of ways)


Along with helping to generate social impact, you could also receive applicable tax reliefs yourself (e.g. under the UK Government’s Gift Aid scheme) by supporting charities and non-profits through the Centrum Society initiative:

► If you pay corporation tax in the UK (and depending on your circumstances): you could make an allowable deduction against your corporation tax liability, thus reducing it accordingly

► If you pay income or capital gains tax in the UK (and depending on your circumstances): for every £100 worth of your XO that you use to help an eligible charity or non-profit, the charity you donate to can claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid and you could get back either 25% or 31.25% in tax repayments directly from the UK Government

► If you are an individual, company or organisation from outside the UK (e.g. the USA) and your tax authority permits it: you may be able make allowable deductions against your personal, capital gains or business tax liabilities

Charities and non-profit organisations anywhere in the world can use XO (gifted to them or which they have acquired) to:

► Build and increase donor loyalty and a long-term donation pipeline

► Reward current donors and incentivise them to donate more

► Incentivise new donors and the public to donate by using XO as a prize (e.g. in raffles, etc)

► Increase positive PR and publicity by giving away XO to the public

► Hold XO as an investment asset and gain from value increases

► Sell XO to donors or others (e.g on public exchanges) to realise capital

► Use XO as a medium of exchange (i.e. facilitate trades and transactions)

► Use XO to buy goods and services from Centrum Club and other places

► Gift to others (staff, volunteers, etc; who can on-gift to friends, family, colleagues, etc)

Recipients of XO from a charity can use them in a variety of ways:

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The above is not an exhaustive list as the depth and range of XO usage and utility is constantly being expanded (Centrum will facilitate transactions where possible) → learn more about XO