Centrum Club members generate positive social impacts that benefit society and the environment

► Some of these social impacts originate Social Impact Points (SIPs), which are presented to the relevant Centrum Club member by us in appreciation for their efforts to make the world a better place

SIPs can be exchanged by their owners for a wide range of discounted, ethically sourced, authentic, unique, exclusive, personalised, luxury and VIP experiences, holidays, products and services that reflect their ethical, social, religious and spiritual values → all paid for in full by Centrum. SIPs will often enable goods and services to be bought at discounted prices of at least 5% lower than the open market value. See Abercrombie & Kent for examples of luxury holidays

► SIP owners can also sell their SIPs for cash or swap them for something else or gift their SIPs to others

Corporate SIP

Corporate SIP owners can gift their SIPs as a reward or ‘thank you’ to their customers, clients, employees, partners, suppliers, stakeholders, etc and (at the same time) show that they are doing a great deal of good for society. This leads to happier customers, staff, partners, better publicity/PR/CSR, etc → which ultimately leads to a better bottom-line